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1C Предпреятие

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Autocklicker For Bux To And Others

Supports multiple accoounts and PTC sites and has many interesting features.

* Ability to chose from 3 clicking modes
* Proxy support - HTTP(S) or SOCKS, supports proxies with authentication
* Fake any browser
* Multilanguage - you can make your own
* Advanced anti-anti-cheat (nice word) protection
* Runs almost everywhere thanks to Java

PTC sites:

* (
CyberLord on August 25 2008 13:37:29 · Read More · 0 Comments · 1878 Reads · Print
1С Предприятие CSG Report

CSG Group IS Reporting For Opening
Online And Office Support Of Well
Known Shop And Base Controler Program 1С Предприятие v7.7/8.0/8.1,
We Offer Professioanl
Teaching And Official Support. Including
Writing Special "Moduls", Reports And Working Structurs
OF Program. We Sell Program, Liceneses, And Moduls.
For More Info Contact Weba Page Admin,
To Do The One First You Must Register. Good Luck!
CyberLord on August 03 2008 12:00:35
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HackTool.Perl. IrBot.d
VirusHack tool. Script language Perl. The file size varies from 12 to 69 KB.


This script is IRC-bot, is used to find RFI (Remote File Inclusion) vulnerabilities.

Depending on the commands received bot could do the following: .......

CyberLord on July 22 2008 12:27:25
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Crash with malformed GIF file on Mac OS X
VulnerabilityMozilla Foundation Security Advisory 2008-36
Title: Crash with malformed GIF file on Mac OS X
Impact: Critical
Announced: July 16, 2008
Reporter: Drew Yao
Products: Firefox 3

Fixed in: Firefox 3.0.1

Drew Yao of Apple Product Security reported a vulnerability in Mozilla graphics code which handles GIF rendering in Mac OS X. He demonstrated that a GIF file could be specially crafted to cause the browser to free an uninitialized pointer. An attacker could use this vulnerability to crash the browser and potentially execute arbitrary code on the victim's computer.

Firefox 2 is not affected by this issue.

CyberLord on July 21 2008 08:13:52
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Blizzard won a court victory over the creator game bots
Some time ago a popular developer has company MDY Industries, creator of software MMOGlider deystvuyushego charges of violating copyright-law.

ON MMOGlider, razoshedsheesya circulation around the world, more than 100 000 copies, takes control of the characters WoW, allowing them to kill enemies and collect trophies in automatic mode. Players who do not wish to waste time on self "pumping" a virtual embodiment, more than willingly take on this application, valued at 25 dollars.
CyberLord on July 21 2008 08:08:31
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Google reported a loss of personal data of their employees
Data on staff internet company Google were lost last month, InformationWeek reported with reference to a letter from the lawyer Goolge Levisa Sigalla (Lewis Segall) Attorney General of New Hampshire. Personal information officers search was in computers stolen from the office of Colt Express Outsourcing Services, Google is providing management services staff.
CyberLord on July 08 2008 07:38:33
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Ubuntu 8.04.1
A new version of the distribution Ubuntu 8.04 LTS. This system is based on Debian, but is updated more frequently. It comprises a shell Gnome, as well as many applications that have been thoroughly tested for compatibility with each other. Version LTS (Long Term Support) differs providing support for three years, which includes release updates to the security system and other system components.
CyberLord on July 08 2008 07:21:02
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Nvidia Report About Problems OF Laptop Chips
The company Nvidia recognized the marriage in older graphics cards, which were set in notebooks. Manufacturer graphics cards does not name laptop models, but acknowledged that their large number. To fix the problem, Nvidia will need to lay out $ 200 million
CyberLord on July 05 2008 08:21:10
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Metasploit Framework v3.1 Released for Download

Ah Metasploit development cycle seems to be picking up, I guess with greater community support the bugs get ironed out and the new features introduced faster.

Good to see an update so soon after Metasploit Framework v3.0 was released.

I keep closely up to date with Metasploit as it’s pretty much the best free tool out there right now, and certainly the most exciting along with Nmap.

The latest version features a graphical user interface, full support for the Windows platform, and over 450 modules, including 265 remote exploits. Metasploit 3.1 consolidates a year of research and development, integrating ideas and code from some of the sharpest and most innovative folks in the security research community.
CyberLord on July 04 2008 10:17:53
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Rise in SQL injection attacks exploiting unverified user data input
InformerMicrosoft is aware of a recent escalation in a class of attacks targeting Web sites that use Microsoft ASP and ASP.NET technologies but do not follow best practices for secure Web application development. These SQL injection attacks do not exploit a specific software vulnerability, but instead target Web sites that do not follow secure coding practices for accessing and manipulating data stored in a relational database. When a SQL injection attack succeeds, an attacker can compromise data stored in these databases and possibly execute remote code. Clients browsing to a compromised server could be forwarded unknowingly to malicious sites that may install malware on the client machine.
CyberLord on July 04 2008 09:19:01
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Understanding the Web browser threat
SoftGroup of researchers from three organizations including Google, IBM ISS and CSG ETH Zurich just published a paper titled: "Understanding the Web browser threat: Examination of vulnerable online Web browser populations and the insecurity iceberg".
CyberLord on July 04 2008 09:15:16
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