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Nvidia Report About Problems OF Laptop Chips

The company Nvidia recognized the marriage in older graphics cards, which were set in notebooks. Manufacturer graphics cards does not name laptop models, but acknowledged that their large number. To fix the problem, Nvidia will need to lay out $ 200 million

The problem, discovered in their Nvidia graphics card, resulting in output of the graphic chip, and probably linked to the material of the shell chip, as well as the construction of the cooling system of some laptops, which can not provide the necessary heat. Specific causes of breakdowns it turns out.

According to officials of the company for repair and replacement of chips may take $ 150-200 million Repair touches not only graphics chips, but also support elements.

The company intends to implement everything necessary for its part in working with the vendor and expects to receive lawsuits from end-users.

The company say that the case concerns only certain models of notebook PCs. Overall, the percentage of the provision is "within acceptable framework".

For a partial fix the problem the company has updated driver, which includes fan notebook in advance and prevents overheat the system. The driver was sent to producers. Perhaps they should publish an updated driver on their sites.

In Nvidia not told laptop models, in which a defective chip, in order not to harm the producers of notebook PCs. Actually, to determine whether the defective laptop chip, it is possible for the fan noise. If the fan started to work intensely after a user has updated driver - that can be defined sound fan - hence, the computer seemed to have the defective chip.

It is anticipated that the chips were manufactured partner Nvidia - Taiwan company TSMC. When asked whether TSMC manufacturer of defective chips, the Taiwan side was told that a positive response Nvidia has not yet been given. If the assumption is confirmed, both sides will try to resolve the issue peacefully. In Nvidia hoped to divide unforeseen expenses with those produced chips.
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